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My System Specs


front and sides in top exhaust or intake or rear exhaust or intake. It really depends on the cooler you are using, but generally you want airflow to be as smooth as possible without any sharp bends in the air that would be blowing in, that and you want more are in, then out(basically force heat and dust to leave asap as it promotes less "dead" air)

I would either have one fan on top near the front of the cpu cooler blowing in and the other on top the other way so it acts like a circle of air promoting kind of a convective airflow and using the rear as exhaust or have rear pushing in with both top fans acting exaust or 1 near fronts acting exhuast and the other not there/blocked off, this way here cpu cooler can have its airflow reversed to best use the air coming in the back, blows over cpu and out the front top fan.

simply put, something to try, either way, more fans does not equal better. my old coolermaster case had dual fans in front dual side dual top and one rear, and it was MUCH hotter then my raven 3 which uses single front single back dual bottom as intakes one top and one right side as exhausts.

If your gpus blow thier heat into the case, the other option you have is basically let the front push air in, sides suck air out top push air in back push air out, or same but back air in top air out, basically sectioning the case to take care of the heat producing parts directly with next to no bending and such needed(in this regard you can make an air "funnel" for the gpu part to better accomplish this and same for cpu part)
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