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Spent some time reading the [H] thread... oh man...
- Basically, their community fell apart as they appear to have self destructed. the CC was simply the enabler in the whole thing. I suspect [H] fears that would happen again since they're a top team and wish to stay that way without internal politics picking away their ranks.
- That being said, there are plenty of inter-team accusations running around about cheating too etc...

But the underlying issue is that so many people feel entitled to complaining about others when there is no true way to enforce the rules.

Which leads into the following strongly suggested guidelines:
1. Each rule must be easily detectable and enforceable (black and white proof)
2. The rules must never change once the competition has started

While this can cause issues with the Folding Best Practices
Folding@home - FAQ-BestPractices
There are some best practices that are just completely unenforceable. There is no way to prevent or detect anyone who ditches a "low PPD" WU.

This leads into my next suggestion - it needs to be clear what is enforceable:
1. There should be a set of enforceable rules with clearly defined punishments if required
2. There should be a set of non-enforceable good will guidelines

Point #2 would then have a large disclaimer indicating that there are no contest level enforcement for any of these guidelines, and that there will be no tolerance from team captains for any inter-team accusations on these points. Team Captains are welcome to talk to their teams internally to manage these guidelines.
Example of a guideline: Priming is frowned upon and goes against Best Practice #6. A Randomized start time helps mitigate this issue.
Example of a rule: Members found complaining to another team about a guideline as opposed to a rule will have chat and forum priviledges revoked ASAP.

In the end, something tells me the CC should be officially retired since it was not well defined to begin with and has a rather big stigma associated with it.

I suggest a new Phoenix Challenge be setup in it's place:
1. A manifesto describing the measurable goals of the challenge
2. A reward for each individual goal (I've heard some good suggestions: Points, WUs, new members, Logarithmic Year over Year points growth between challenges, Spirit) and how each goal will be judged
3. A static time period for the contest each year (ex: 2 weeks?)

Things like the Points and WU sub-challenges would use a single account name on a team.
Things like the new members and Logarithmic Year over Year would use overall team statistics.
Spirit could be a simple vote from team captains at the end of the competition (can't vote for self plus plus tie breaker stuff) where team captains poll their own members asking who had the best spirit throughout the competition...

Something tells me if I get the time, I should just start my own challenge...