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My System Specs


if something is turned on it will show up in your task manager just make sure that it is killed if you see it then remove it , another thing is that there are a few programs out there that when uninstalled still leave the reg and also the folder on your system , so if you do remove the reg file the folder still exists . the best bet is to use whatMasteroderus suggested above, file ccleaner up use the uninstaller there to uninstall the program, then go to the startup part of ccleaner remove the program by unchecking it then delete it from start up after that is done click on registry tab in ccleaner and analyze , clean, then analyze it again and clean ( I repeat this until nothing shows up in analyze) then finally go to the cleaner part of ccleaner and repeat what was done , analyze, clean ,analize clean, this will get rin of every thing that was left by the program
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