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My System Specs


I found my self in a similar situation.

I had an old x2 250 with a crappy 7xx series mobo that is not am3+ compliant.

So i got to upgrade to an x4 and they're all out in my area.

So what I did was buy a bad-ass board, the Crosshair V, and now i'm rocking an x2 250 @ 3.8 GHz, stock cooling solution. This is also a locked cpu.

IMO it would be better to upgrade the mobo to something am3+ compliant and just overclock it to 4GHz easy!

Also, a hexa core processor doesn't offer better computing for many applications than a quad core. Video rendering yes in some applications you will see gains! In games, you will often see x4 processors stand up to (or beat down) x6 or bulldozer octa cores.
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