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My System Specs


No dice!

It'll post and boot windows below 1.1875v but it fails almost instantly upon running prime95 and windows even reports recovering from a fatal error.

It may very well turn out to be sketchy at 1.1875v so I'm going to push 10 hours at this voltage, if it errors around here - which I'm expecting it will; I'm fairly certain I can hold steady at 1.193v.

Still not bad concidering how damn cool I'll be at 1.193v. if I can get it to hold for 24 hours at that eventually; I'm going to push 3.2ghz for the hell of it.. I think I could easily do that below 1.3v on this system for sure.

I guess eventually I'll compile all my steps (I've logged it all) into a little guide with info for everyone.
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