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My System Specs


Hey All!!!

I promised an update. But alas, its a small and sour one.

I'm going to hold back on the story of how, but I managed to ruin not only one, but two bottles of IceDragon nano fluid. Not a happy camper right now.

However, that story is for later.
Lets show what has been done so far! :D

So Sparty has found a new toy. my HTPC! (which will be rebuilt later ;)

I think he might be a bit distracted. So time to go to work.
That silly tiger is always getting in the way.

So, Here are some new (to me) parts!

A used Thermochill PA120.4 :D Beautiful rad and performs very well.
Two 1650rpm fans, and some beautiful fluid :D

How can you not like a rad like this. Second hand? really? great shape too!

So lets dismantle everything! Dont worry, i'm only assembling this to give me an idea for how i want the loop to look. this will be nowhere near the finished product. I'll be rebuilding this thing about a thousand times by the time i'm done :D

Oh... so many things that need remounting and fixing! :(

So, how does the block look you ask?

Pretty good i think :D.... copper is soooo pretty

So, While filling my loop to test... the pump started to go nuts. I try to adjust the res to let the bubbles out and Boom! there goes the first spill. :( The line from the res to the pump pops off and everything spills. 1ltr of fluid ruined :(

So l decide to clean it up, and rebuild. This time with distilled... until I get more fluid.

But, once i get the new fluid...
there is another major spill.

i swear i build these things drunk or something :(

But thats for the next update ;)

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