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Originally Posted by thorn View Post
The issue is the map "type," the capture point mechanism. It is just running around trying to out capture your opponent which, in GW1 at least, doesn't really require as much strategy/"skill". However it seems they will be adding other modes post-release so there is hope for something more interesting.
I think you would be very surprised, if you have ever played league of legends they have a mode called Dominion which is very similar and you constantly need to be aware of how your opponents are splitting, it is a very reactionary game and how you react and with who makes it very difficult. You have to try and predict who your opponents will send where at what characters on your team you can best send to counter them.

The game is based on having many scrimmages around the map so the combination of characters you send is very important. For example even though Guardian, Elementalist might be a good combo if you put it up against a theif + mesmer you might lose so you might have to split your pair. Also if you have to think about how you can best use your time, if you send 2 people to take one guardian in mid the guardian might be able to draw that fight out for a very long time, thus losing your team time and leaving hem at a disadvantage other places. You might have to brute force it with 4 people and then split after you take it and hope you can capture one side faster.

Like I said, low end will be easy but if you want to be competitive there is a lot more to think about than you first realize.
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