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Well you have a mix of SF2281, Sammy and Marvel controllers.

Long version:
My first recommendation is pick the controller.

Generally the SF2281 is a beast of a controller BUT it needs a TRIM environment to keep all that performance.
The Marvel is a tad slower BUT doesnt care about TRIM. It can take care of itself. The M4 uses the Marvel controller. Other just as good drives that use it are Corsair Performance 3 and Corsair Performance PRO.
The Sammy controller....well its slow. Its a decent all rounder but I would firmly pick it last.

I would pick the Marvel over the SF2281 if you do not know what TRIM is.
The ONLY exception to this is the Intel 520. It has a toolbox which allows it to restore its performance in non-trim you the best of both worlds. ;)

Secondly. I would pick your NAND type.
There are 3 types of NAND.

Cheapest is ONFi 1. It is slow, and I dont like it. IMHO it is also probably not going to live as long as the others as its CHEAP and all things being equal cheap == shorter lifespan. It is rated for 3K write cycles....and I doubt the avg will go much more than this. The Corsair Force 3 (non GT) uses ONFi 1. It is why it is the cheapest of your list.

In the middle is ONF2. It is fast and can be very good. It is rated for either 3k or 5k...AND these are CONSERVATIVE estimates. Crucial M4 uses ONFi 2 that is rated for 3k erase cycles same goes for Corsair Force GT. Intel 520 uses ONFi 2 which is rated for 5K erase cycles (can you see a trend developing?)

Sammy uses Toggle Mode NAND. It is probably the best out there IMHO. It is fast, and long lived at 5K erase cycles. Some others which use Toggle Mode NAND are OCZ VERTEX 3 MAXIOPS (SF2281) and Muskin Chronos Deluxe (SF2281) and the Corsair Performance PRO (marvel based).

All things being equal...the only two I would look at are Intel 520 and the Crucial M4....with a dark horse recomendation of the Corsair Performance Pro.

TLDR version:
Of the list you have....get the Intel 520. Good NAND, GOOD trim and non-trim performance...great company with killer good Customer Service.
IF you are open to other suggestions the Corsair Performance Pro is not as fast as the Intel 520 but is also a great first time SSD.
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