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The issue is the map "type," the capture point mechanism. It is just running around trying to out capture your opponent which, in GW1 at least, doesn't really require as much strategy/"skill". However it seems they will be adding other modes post-release so there is hope for something more interesting.

I didn't mention anything about the skill selection, though it is true there is less potential for variety since you only really choose 5 of the 10 skills with one of the 5 needing to be a heal skill as opposed to all 8 in GW1. But you now have more skills available to you at a time and switching weapons switches the first set of 5 skills, since you generally have 2 sets of weapons you have 15 skills available to you. Also while you had the selection of 300+ skills between your primary and secondary class in GW1 the large majority were hardly if ever used. So the end result is likely a similar number of potential useful builds, though less chance of finding some imba combo since it is likely easier for them to test and manage a smaller base skill set.

I also love how in the 5v5 mode everyone starts on equal ground, truly gives you a chance to show off your skills. If two people go in as the exact same team, the more skilled team will emerge victorious not the team that farmed the best gear. The way it is set up is so that people with less time can still be competitive, me being one of those people with less time appreciate that, but that doesn't mean the skillcap is necessarily lower.
This is more or less how it was in GW1. To PvP you had the option of creating a PvP only character which was at max level (20) and had access to the max level weapons/armour as well as whatever skills and runes you had unlocked. With the addition of balthazar faction unlocking stuff for PvP become really easy (initially you had to unlock everything through PvE which took time). Also if you wanted to use a PvE character it didn't take long to get max level (max two days). Max dmg weapons could be bought for cheap at merchants same with armour. You only had to pay/play more if you wanted the nicer looking equipment, attribute wise they were identical though. And getting skills wasn't that difficult either. The only thing that took a little while was acquiring the runes depending on your class as certain classes/runes were more expensive due to popularity in farming builds using them. However in the end even for a casual player wanting to get their PvE char ready for PvP it didn't take long.
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