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My System Specs


I don't know what "inexpensive" is to you, but AMD cards support up to 4 monitors on one card I believe. You can pick up a 6950 for about 240 bucks these days and even cheaper if you buy it on our BST forums or if you catch it on sale. If this is too expensive, I think any Radeon HD 5000,6000,7000 cards would work.

Now to get the set up you want, (2X HDMI, and VGA) you'll need quite a few adapters, but I think it will work.
On the reference 6950 I had, I think it had 2 DVI ports, 2 mini-displayports, and 1 HDMI.

You can use the existing HDMI port, and in one of the DVI ports, put a DVI-HDMI adapter there, for your second HDMI.

As for the VGA you want, you'll need to occupy one of the mini-displayports. I'm sure there are mini-displayport to DVI adapters, but not too certain about mini-displayport to VGA (there probably is though). What you can do is use an active mini-displayport to DVI adapter, and then a DVI-VGA adapter on top of that. Keep in mind that the adapter must be "active" and the drawback is that it will run you about 30-40 dollars for this adapter.

From your post, it sounds like you only have 1 PCI-e slot?
But to get around all this adapter business, all you need is 2 video cards. Either from AMD or nVidia would do.

I hope I read your post correctly. If not, then I just wasted some time writing all this. Heh.
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