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Originally Posted by thorn View Post
None of the gvger's I knew had any complaints about "pressure" spikes, in fact most probably preferred that. Against a good team you aren't going to kill someone with pure pressure, at least not quickly enough (they did nerf healing quite a bit). The only exception might have been hex spam before it was nerfed.

I am still not sold on GW2 PvP as it compares to the more organised GvG and HoH of GW1. Obviously they have "dumbed it down" to try and cater to the more casual player but I am just concerned that the higher level play just isn't there. However as I mentioned earlier the people currently with beta access aren't exactly the right people to put the PvP system through its paces.
I don't think it is dumbed down at all, between how characters can interact with each other on the same team I think they have increased the difficulty at the top end but lowered it at the mid end. So to be very good you need to think everything through, but to be decent you can just get a bunch of friends together and do whatever you're comfortable with. Also the way the items decide your skills may sound like you have a lot less skills but it isn't so bad because of all the sweet combinations you can have.

I also love how in the 5v5 mode everyone starts on equal ground, truly gives you a chance to show off your skills. If two people go in as the exact same team, the more skilled team will emerge victorious not the team that farmed the best gear. The way it is set up is so that people with less time can still be competitive, me being one of those people with less time appreciate that, but that doesn't mean the skillcap is necessarily lower. At the end of the day PvP is only as hard as your opponents make it so no matter how low you think the skillcap is you will be beat by better players. People always talk about HoN vs. LoL and how HoN is so much harder, yes HoN is harder to pick up but at the end of the day if you win 51% of your games in HoN you will win 51% of your games in LoL because everyone is on the same playing field.

I'm very excited for WvWvW, massive battles are what MMO's are all about and 3 servers duking it out will be huge, I really hope I get a beta invite so i can mess around with item builds before the game comes out.

Don't look at it like "this is what we have and now this is what we have left", think of it as "this is what I had to think about then and this is what i have to think about now". When i look at it the second way I see a lot more.

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