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My System Specs

Default help me pick out an ssd...

i am aiming to buy a 120 or 128gb sata3 ssd.
my current choices have narrowed down to the samsung pm830, intel 520, corsair force 3 (or gt). i would also include the crucial m4, but they don't sell them anymore for some reason (where i live). also, ocz are nice but i'd like to avoid them.

i am a price conscious buyer, this is going to be my boot drive, i will use trim, and my priorities are 4k reads/writes and stuff like that (cuz the big numbers like 550mb/s are not very important for everyday use and im not benchmarking much anyway)

also, i want the most painless one in terms of firmware updates and trimming cuz im not THAT techy. lol

so... please spill out your thoughts!
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