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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
It is not what they did this time that is concerning, it is the ability to do it that is concerning.
Yup, combined with the gov't wanting the ability to look into our Internet histories without a warrant... it's not hard to see how this all turns into the RCMP leaning on Google or your ISP to give them temporary root access to your phone and filesystems, without any requirement to notify you about it. I'd prefer to have the only set of keys for my own front door, thanks.

Even if you trust the RCMP and friends to only go after legitimate targets, and history would show that to be naive, there's still the matter of the underpaid low-level staffers at these orgs collecting and selling info out the back door. There's lots more money to be made in corporate espionage and blackmail than there is working a desk at gov't rates.

Just give me proper judicial oversight and auditing, and I can (maybe) live with it. But no warrant, no knock, no notice after the fact? That's not a free society.
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