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Originally Posted by ilya View Post
Most that have played GW1 competitively would argue that dedicated healing classes and spikes were what broke the game.

Self healing in the GW universe has always been relatively inefficient. (even for dedicated healers) It was the game developer's way to promote teamwork over solo play.
Well I wouldn't say spikes were what ruined the game. Good guilds would split on a spike team since spike teams generally had difficulties dealing with splits.

I would say the fact the constantly nerfed things instead of buffing less used skills hurt the game. That and a couple if very broken skills/skill combinations taking too long to be dealt with (the original spirit spam, IWAY, SS/Fear Me). The only thing dedicated healing classes did was limit build possibilities since you typically had to use up two of the team slots for healers (three originally before boon prots and the other "continents" came along).)
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