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My System Specs


My GTX 550Ti, before I switched to GPUGrid earlier this month, got me 8000 to 11000 PPD depending on the WU. Like the other more midrange GPUs, this one likes the smaller WUs (better PPD and PPD/W).
It was factory-OC'd at 970 core (memory really doesn't matter unless you underclock it a lot).
I'll warn you however to prepare for a lot of GUI lag at least on the drivers I tried so except minor inconvenience if you use the computer (all WHQL except the newer 295 series).

Whether it's a good deal or not is relative. The card is pretty good with power consumption, so you can break even depending on how long you fold with a GTX 460 768MB or similar on points / $ in the long run because of less power consumption of a 550Ti vs a 460. For now the 550Ti will slaughter anything AMD has for F@H power vs performance.
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