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Originally Posted by geoc View Post
I like how everybody on the forum here praises when a new high res monitor comes into the market, but if the company in question is Apple, suddenly 768p or 900p is superior to 1800p and any higher res is stupid.

Come on people, there is text, font and size scaling integrated in to modern OSes. If you're going to hate, don't just blindly hate.
They are not knocking it because it is Apple, they are knocking it because that high of a res on a notebook is just a stupid marketing ploy. That is really all anything from Apple is lately, just like the ipad 3. They will go on and on saying how they are reinventing everything while it is just a high res screen with some already outdated hardware running a very restrictive OS.

I can't imagine how many people would have issues with that high of res on a notebook. Hell we have people at work that have to increase font size and magnify and such on 2560x1600 30" monitors.

I know it is an Apple, but could you imagine trying to play anything on it? You wouldn't be able to run anything at the native res as I just don't see you having the power to push it.
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