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Actually got an email from NCSoft yesterday about opting in, since I had a Guild Wars account for a while. Admittedly I didn't commit much time to it, I wasn't into MMOs at the time. Soultribunal and some friends convinced me to play WoW with them, and I have a good time with that. So I opted in. We'll see what happens.

I think most of the problem I had with MMOs (and still have with some online games) is I'm not really a fan of, shall we call it, "public gaming" - I enjoy playing online with friends, but entering a game with a bunch of people I don't know kinda freaks me out subconsciously. I used to do it all the time in Diablo II, maybe I just got tired of the BS some people throw at you, so I avoided playing games online.

....either that or I'm scared I suck. It's probably that.
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