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Default Choosing a Motherboard

Hey everyone,

In the not so distant future, I'll be pulling the trigger on a pc build I've been thinking about undertaking for month now. I watch a lot of Youtube on other people who do it, and it made me want to do it(That and there's a few games I want to play on PC). I've given myself about $800 or so to play with on this build. Which is plenty seeing as how I already own a PSU(Corsair GS600). The only thing I've not fully decided on is the motherboard. Currently, it's the MSI 870A-G54 (FX) AM3+ board. The board will have to last a while, and also be robust and expandable to accommodate future upgrades. So I was just wondering if there were any other options similar in price (+/- $10-$15) that are at least as good as the 870A.

On a side note, which is better? A Radeon HD 6950 or 6870?


Guess I should've mentioned this earlier, just read the sticky here.

This rig will be used primarily as a gaming machine, single player and online games and such.
As far as brands go, I'm some-what partial to AMD/Asus. But dont let that curve your judgements.
If theres a better product from a different manufacturer, I'll consider it.
I'm in the United States, will probably order everything from NewEgg.

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