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My System Specs


But something to get you started... Some thoughts:
Honestly, I would never use motherboard software like the EPU engine and PC probe stuff. It's usually pretty buggy.

Use software like "CoreTemp" or "RealTemp" to monitor your CPU temps instead. These are really reliable.
The Antec 900 isn't a small case by any means and should be able to fit the H80 without any problems.

Your system is still pretty good to this day, and as a college student, I would just save my money.
The 470 is a pretty powerful card and should be able to play newer games well.

I say keep your CPU and your GPU. Play those games you want, and if the performance isn't good enough, then give the GPU an upgrade. Overclocking your GPU won't make you go "WOW" as if you bought a new video card.
Wait until April which is when the Kepler cards should be coming out and pick up a mid-range card. I'm sure you'll be happy with that.

As for overclocking your CPU, I'll help you with that in PM.
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