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I've never seen one myself.

You should write one !

Here's some advice I can give ya.

-the first piece of advice I would give is this : always match your colors with your lightsource.Here's what I mean by that : buy your UV source first , then test all the materials with that light.Different UV sources will cause each UV reactive bit to fluoresce differently , depending on what UV spectrum it emits.

-Secondly , if you are looking at cable sleeving/connectors etc at a certain place , ask em if they will give you samples for free...if you just want an inch of sleeving to see what color it really is , they might send it to yah.

GL , hf !


I almost forgot safety.

You need to research the UV source carefully.It is possible to get blacklight sources that are quite literally , dangerous to skin /eyes.....

For example , I have some 1 watt UV leds that emit @ 400nm ;

This thing , while capable of making anything even remotely UV reactive glow like the moon , will also damage your eyes , so it kinda defeats the purpose.
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