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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
The panel uniformity in those pics looks just fine for an LED.
Panel uniformity of GREY.. anybody trying to watch movies or play games on a monitor with this kind of black have 80/100 chance of committing suicide after a week.

If you want to give high rating for mediocre black that it's your choice..

In my opinion black and colors should be the main focus of a review before anything else for anything that is not browsing the web and they should compare to the best monitor from Eizo before rating anything.

Of course input lag/response time/good ag coating/black crush/shadow detail should be more than acceptable on any monitor tho.

Giving a 9/10 on a monitor that has the worst black of current monitors and one of the worst quality control is ....

And these days most computer monitors doesn't even deserve much more than a 6/10 since their black level is not even in the acceptable range.

The reviewers are there to guide consumers but also to push companies to do better for the customers.

right now we have poor quality panel everywhere but tons of 8/10 rating when 3 to 5 years ago some of the screen that had 7/10 and was 10x better than the current monitors offering??

and yet we pay premium price for those shi... monitors. I paid 600$ my 2405WPF 7 years ago and it's still working nice.. I don't like the ag coating but still colors and blacks are still very nice.. yet in 2012, companies like samsung that are doing their own top of the line S-PVA panels are releasing monitors that have one of the worst black..

anyway you can all be against me i don't care... support samsung.. i don't care.

I'm out..

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