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Originally Posted by Mathus View Post
I read a CC thread over at [H] forums and it appears that they think that HWC cheated last year so they don't want to compete this year. It didn't say how they think HWC cheated, can someone explain? It's just friendly competition so I don't understand what the big deal is.
The cheating thing refers HWC recruiting/teaming up with Ncix for the CC. Since the points calculations were based on past output for only HWC some people believed this was actually a strategy devised to circumvent the rules & take advantage of how the contest was structured.

What I read though was the main reason they don't want to be involved is that past challenges caused too much infighting in their own team. Members were pissed when people who weren't in the CC passed them in the standings, and there was a lot of bitching and name calling. In short, they did it to themselves...

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