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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JD View Post
Can't just use the 1/8" headphone jack and then record the audio on your PC?

I would say just try that cable from Monoprice. Obviously measure first to make sure you truly need 50ft, the less the better. It's only about $30 shipped though, so it won't be a huge loss if it doesn't work.
Nah, because it isn't for recording. The amp actually has a computer-controllable software interface that connects via USB. I do have a 1/8" cable that I think would be long enough, however that isn't an issue if I run it straight across the room.

That's a good idea, let me see...

Okay, so I did a rough estimate using my instrument cable as a reference, and it works out to just over 35ft. Don't know if that changes things...
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