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My System Specs


I put a grain of rice sized dot in the middle of the cpu.
My coolermaster 212 is the one with the smoother(er) bottom than the one with the odd groves where copper meets aluminum.

I just did 10 runs on Intel Burn Test at very high setting and didn't get any errors.
That one hotter core peaked at 70c for a short period, but stayed around 68c. The other 3 cores were mid-low 60s.

Does 9hrs of small FFT in Prime 95 and my Intel burn test tonight make my overclock stable? Or at least NOT unstable?

To reiterate, 1.25 vcore at 4.4ghz.

I'm too lazy to remount my cooler tonight. I'll do it later in the week and then start oc-ing higher.
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