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Look all, i sent those 2 pictures of this crappy monitors to the seller, 5 employee of samsung + the director of customer support of samsung and they all told me this is normal and within specification.
2 day after i bought this crap, direct canada didn't want to refund and samsung didn't want to repair or give me an RMA number.. saying it's all normal.... I'M I BLIND!!!
Actually i'm starting to be blind with this crappy monitor since there is no black, my eyes are fu.... bleeding.
You all support this...?

By djsinae at 2012-02-22

By djsinae at 2012-02-22

Now i have to pay 15 percent restocking fee to pay so 75$ + shipping back of 50$ so

I lost 10 hours of my time + 125$ + deception + I sold my old monitor for 150$ that was 10x better than this samsung crap and now i'm stuck for 2-3 week without any monitor to work with and i'm a programmer at home..

here a pic of the black of my 7 year old 24" dell..

I know nobody here cares about my problems but at least you should care about how big corporations like Samsung threat their customers....
and that's what they do, they say it's within spec even if it's clearly not and afterward, we pay the price...

The problem is also that most people who will buy this monitor will do blindly and will live with this mega grey black for 5-10 years without even knowing it's the worst piece of garbage ever..

anybody who can live with this kind of black with their monitor shouldn't even comment on this forum and on my posts since they clearly lost any taste in life or they simply don't watch anything on their screen.

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