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My System Specs


Ok, if I understand correctly, either the juice is beeing bottlenecked somewhere or faulty wiring in my house?

My condo is built end 2010, used for demo and I moved in late-May 2011. The only thing between the comp and the wall plug is an IGo Green Tower power bar. The PSU power cord is the one provided with my old Quattro 850w.

Power Smart Tower Surge Protector - PM00011-0001 pm000110001 at iGo, Inc.

@Adzsask: Here is my last 2 or 3 months

TPQ850: Boom, RMAed (took one month). Fries up both GTX570 (replaced with refurb (no ASUS stickers) :S)
TPQ850: Whining sound, RMAed (took one month)
HCP850: What I just explained.

My computer is new from end-May 2011. Changed so far:
2x PSU
2x GTX570 (SLI fried up)
1x BluRay drive (whining sound, probably caused by first PSU boom but RAMed easy with LG)

So yeah I am tired of waiting for new parts .

Gameplay > Graphics ... oh wait

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