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the outcry over the 4th book is amusing to watch really, its apparently bad enough that bioware has come out and said that they will fix it and re-release it.

Steam doesnt scan your harddrive just what you do in steam. Origin scans your harddrive. And that EULA is horrible. Steam doesnt really compare despite being a game hub.

And I dont know about MP being a separate game, I just dont think it should have an effect on SP. Honestly though the MP is good enough that I'm not upset about it being included. I am upset that Origin in mandatory but i've solved that by just sandboxing origin from now on. I am just hoping that the MP budget is above and beyond what Bioware was going to spend on the SP and not effecting that at all and that the sp will be epic.

And honestly, I'm not impresssed with the extended trailer, basically just mashed an earlier trailer in with the one from the other day
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