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Originally Posted by LaughingCrow View Post
I suspect the issue wasn't SP vs MP, so much as the MP element means a mandatory install of Origin. Which doesn't make sense to a lot of people who only want the SP or for those who prefer Steam and already have ME and ME 2 on Steam and can't get ME 3 on Steam.

I don't see the point of Origin for SP from a user's perspective as it does nothing. With Origin you're stuck with another running process, one more thing that could go wrong and yet another EULA, TOS and Privacy Policy (and many people are having problems with it). From EA's perspective, it's about control and data mining. It's annoying that Origin doesn't shut down when you shut down the game.

Agreed, that keeping the two styles of game play separate would have been better for users as well as EA. I think it may signify the end of an era for gaming. Other than the few companies like CD Projekt RED, that will still bring out big titles without DRM, more and more will use controlling applications like Origin.
How is Steam any different?

Originally Posted by Valve's Privacy Policy
By using Valve's online sites and products, users agree that Valve may collect aggregate information, individual information, and personally identifiable information, as defined below. Valve may share aggregate information and individual information with other parties. Valve shall not share personally identifiable information with other parties, except as described in the policy below.
The whole policy can be found here Valve .

As you can see Valve collects data about it's users as well, no where does it say this is optional. The hardware survey may be optional the might still collect some of that info regardless of your choice (there is no mention of the hardware survey in the EULA or Privacy policy).

Most of what you say applies to Steam as well as Origin. However I/we am/are straying off topic. I am going to wait until I actually play the game before I complain about things I don't know for certain.


Has anyone read the 4th Mass Effect novel, Mass Effect: Deception? How does it compare to the first 3?

I read the first three but it looks like the author changed for the newest book and supposedly there are quite a number of inconsistencies. I was debating buying it but now I am not sure (though supposedly Bioware and/or Del Ray are going to fix the error for future editions of the novel).
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