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I have some questions for all the peeps who have used this stuff:

How well does it stick in sharp corners or valleys ?

How easy is it to trim around small holes and other stuff? Do you just use a sharp xacto blade and get a real nice edge? Does it cut easy?

How easy does it come off? Does it leave a residue/mess?

All the stuff I've seen in this thread looks amazing, like factory done. Except for the first example, the iphone. For me the cut out around the camera lens looks hokey, like a home made job. Jagged curves. I know it is very difficult to make a small radius cut with a xacto knife if the material does not cut like a hot knife through butter.

The reason i'm asking is that I am thinking of doing the wood grain part of the dash of my 2011 Silverado over with this stuff. Here's a pic:

Very easy to do most of it but there are some small switch cutouts on the dash and a lot of tight contours and cutouts in the door panel switch plate. I don't want this to end up looking like a high school kid slapped it on his Civic.
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