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Originally Posted by thorn View Post
Frankly I think it is only a minority, a very vocal one it seems, but a minority nonetheless that is "pissed" about the MP.
I suspect the issue wasn't SP vs MP, so much as the MP element means a mandatory install of Origin. Which doesn't make sense to a lot of people who only want the SP or for those who prefer Steam and already have ME and ME 2 on Steam and can't get ME 3 on Steam.

I don't see the point of Origin for SP from a user's perspective as it does nothing. With Origin you're stuck with another running process, one more thing that could go wrong and yet another EULA, TOS and Privacy Policy (and many people are having problems with it). From EA's perspective, it's about control and data mining. It's annoying that Origin doesn't shut down when you shut down the game.

Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
My point is not that MP should have been left out of the ME universe completely, but that it should have had its own separate game after the end of ME3. I honestly believe that EA would have made more like that then they will this way. If you ask me it is more than just about money, it is about forcing more users towards origin and always on copy protection. By tying MP to this SP game they have made it easy for them to require origin. And the more people that they get on origin the better for them and the more people on origin, the more data they can mine.
Agreed, that keeping the two styles of game play separate would have been better for users as well as EA. I think it may signify the end of an era for gaming. Other than the few companies like CD Projekt RED, that will still bring out big titles without DRM, more and more will use controlling applications like Origin.
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