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I doubt that touch-screen typing is a fad. A fad is short-lived and I doubt we will see this 'fad' end and folks move back to physical qwerty. I would say its an overwhelming trend...

Some days I like the iPhone better, other days its Android. I have experience on both platforms. The only thing keeping me on iPhone at the moment is the camera on the 4S...its much better in poor shooting conditions than any Android phone I have come across. I hate that i won't be able to take my iPhone with me to Asia this summer...Bell refuses to unlock iPhones. No problemo with Androids...

That said, as for platforms I think Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, or ICS) is really refined. It will give Apple a real run for its money (as if Android has not already...) For the folks who used to get lost in Android's OS, or liked Apple better, the new Android OS has really stepped up. Very responsive.

If you go Android, make sure to get an Android 4.0 device. Right now, the only widely available device that comes with 4.0 is the Galaxy Nexus. I am not fond of that phone as far as Androids go...only 16GB of space with no SD card slot, and for me, the camera sucks. The Galaxy S2 is my fav hardware-wise, but no stock Android 4.0 for it. I have not looked, but would be shocked if there were no custom 4.0 roms for it.

So its a toss-up really. But I would wait for an Android 4.0 device, or a device with confirmed Android 4.0 support coming before jumping in. Then, would say give Android a shot.
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