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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Bungwirez View Post
....just not a RIM product.
I already have my offices running RIM products, from up to 5 years ago already.
I wanted to move away from their system, and try something newer/more up to date.
I want my team to be happy with what they use at & for work, since its on my tab.

If they want to get another device outside of work, that is their business.

I'm also looking for a new handset myself since mine has been crapping out, and not performing as I would like.
Hence my asking the community here what they are using, and why.

If you have something to contribute, by all means give some input with regard to what you use & why.
I'm all ears.

edit: Forgot to add.
Of course I'll be polling the team later this morning.
I just want to gauge what people outside our company use.
If it turns out that none of the fancier systems work well for my people, we'll just stick to RIM's system (for work).

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