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Originally Posted by thorn View Post
Let me put it this way: say ME3 cost 50M to develop with 5M for the MP (totally bogus numbers of course). Do you think EA makes more money on SP only costing 55M or SP + some MP (potential for even more DLC) for 55M combined?

Obviously I would love for Bioware to have had the extra money for SP instead of MP, but money talks.

I am still going to buy it and will most likely enjoy it and get my money's worth.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. The MAKO was annoying, but I did amuse myself with it considerably trying to get to places I shouldn't or try and take the direct way to an objective.
Well using your numbers you could also say that they could have spent all 55M on the SP and still sold just as many, possibly even more than they will (remember there are a lot of people pissed off about including MP and having it effect SP). And then spend say 10M on a dedicated MP and make way more.

My point is not that MP should have been left out of the ME universe completely, but that it should have had its own separate game after the end of ME3. I honestly believe that EA would have made more like that then they will this way. If you ask me it is more than just about money, it is about forcing more users towards origin and always on copy protection. By tying MP to this SP game they have made it easy for them to require origin. And the more people that they get on origin the better for them and the more people on origin, the more data they can mine.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh yea, I actually enjoyed using the Mako a bit. It just has to be in situations that are not just trying to run around mindlessly on a planet. And yea, some of the jumps you could get in it were great.
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