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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Why do you think it wouldn't have an effect on it? The fact is even if they took "extra" money and used it for the MP, that same "extra" money could have been used for the SP. My point still stands, at the end of the day the total money spent on ME3 was put into both SP and MP, which shows that money went to MP that could have been spent on SP.
[QUOTE=muse108dc;603694And there is no way the MP budget didnt effect the SP budget, all the money comes from the same pot and it is a real shame EA's on this "all of our games must have MP" now, I really hate to see whats going to happen to DragonAge[/QUOTE]

Let me put it this way: say ME3 cost 50M to develop with 5M for the MP (totally bogus numbers of course). Do you think EA makes more money on SP only costing 55M or SP + some MP (potential for even more DLC) for 55M combined?

Obviously I would love for Bioware to have had the extra money for SP instead of MP, but money talks.

I am still going to buy it and will most likely enjoy it and get my money's worth.

Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Oh come on! You got some of the Craziest Gravity defying jumps and dives that anyone has ever seen.
It might have been semi-frustrating using the MAKO but it was DAMN entertaining.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. The MAKO was annoying, but I did amuse myself with it considerably trying to get to places I shouldn't or try and take the direct way to an objective.
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