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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
If MP has one single ounce of impact upon my SP experience, I won't buy the game. No way in hell will I play multiplayer just to ensure I get the full single player experience. Simple as that.
From everything I've read so far, you will be able to get a decent ending, if you do all side quests and make the 'best decisions' through out the game.

But EA seems to be counting on MP and other ME 3 game tie-ins to entice people to spend money. (Wondering how long it will take for new maps to show up for MP).

I think that ME 3 will set a whole new DLC criteria for EA games (unfortunately). Mostly to give marketing ample room to add more hood ornaments than any sane person would want to stick on one car. From some comments on BioWare's forum, a lot of the Mass Effect branded Razor peripherals are already sold out.
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