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Thx , you are welcome.


I had a little time to do some OC runs this weekend....

Let me re-iterate ; I don't normally run OC'd.
Just a quick OC to give you some idea what it can do.

This overclock was done with FSB adjustment only.There is a memory ratio change (5:6 to 1:1) that was done automatically by BIOS.There are no other changes.

Idle temps :

Full load temps ;

3D06 ;


Here's a 'real world' benchy for yaz ;

q3 timedemo


It also scores over 40,000 on 3dmark03 heheh...


Synthetic benchmarks aside , I'm very pleased with this chip.Once again , the overclocking ability is there , and it's fast at even stock speeds.

gg Intel. Nice job
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