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My System Specs


its pointless, there may be a very very fine difference in binning as in the 2700k has a slightly better stepping and reduced voltages for its stock clock rate, but for the price difference, you can get a 2600k with an aftermarket cooler and overclock it to equal or massively exceed the 2700k and still walk away saving $. It is marketing, some folks see the number 2700k and the slight clock speed boost and they are willing to pay the extra what $30-$50, but in the real world, the difference is so small, its not worth it. There is a very small amount of binning though, as if knowledge serves me, the 2700k runs a higher multi/clock speed and uses the same power as 2600k, so, in the real world, it matter nothing, both using the same stepping now, both are pretty much able to hit the same overclocking ceiling, so you basically are paying an extra $20 or so for an extra 100Mhz, which in my opinion is silly.
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