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hmm ok so I've calculated everything out and if we get about 10 people, it would cost each person about $150 plus food and accommodations.

For accommodations, I would recommend we stay in a hostel. It's only $30/night and there's one in Edmonton about 15 mins away from the venue...
There's also one in Jasper where we could stay there overnight if we don't wanna do the full 12 hours in 1 day.
Hostels are kinda like community hotels. You share the kitchen, bathroom and pretty much everything else...
It's a lot better than it may sound and it beats $200/night for a hotel. This way we can cook our own food and save costs.

I know VanLAN is the day before we would need to leave but I really want to make this happen and I think it would be great fun... Plus I need a break from work

So? What do you guys think?
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