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I don't agree with averaging formulae really , but I do realize it can be a valid method.

We ran 5 million points today.

In the last 2 chimp challenges we did , We maintained about a million ppd - year round.AKA a net gain of a million points.

We're actually above that now.

If the chimp challenge is about promoting the science and gaining new users , lets make it about that.

A points race for a short time is not what we want.

We want a users race.


Here's what I suggest .

Chimp challenge 2012 gets cancelled.No one wins, no one gets anything.The title goes into stasis.

....but from may 5 2012 on , we track the users AND maintained PPD till may 5 2013 .

The team with the highest user gain/maintained PPD increase wins.

1 year gain total gets the jpeg.

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