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Default PC to run 2 flat screen Tvs and a via output.

I would like to build an inexpensive system to run two HDMI long wire feeds to 2 flatscreen TVs, and one VGA output to monitor what is on the TVs.
Basically, I have an office with two display TVs in the front area, and I have ran HDMI cables from my back office to them. In my back office I would like to have the PC and a vga monitor to see what is running on my TVs, and to change the programming on them.

I have tried this with a dual head video card , and a USB output to VGA but the results were disappointing, since to set high resolution for the TVs, I could not see the entire screen on my VGA monitor.

I was thinking of setting up a mobo with two PCIe slots and putting two cards in and feeding my VGA monitor from one of them.
The reason I need a VGA output, is that I have several other PCs in the back office and am using a KVM switch to monitor them all on one monitor ( space on my desk is limited).
I have no preference for mobo's or video cards, as to make etc, something inexpensive , that would work would be best.
I am in Toronto Canada, usually get my parts from Canada Computers

Thanks for any advice

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