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Guys, c'mon. we're writing HD video here. This requires moderate sequential write speeds with a TON of space. SSDs and Ramcaches are not the answer.

First thing's first, make sure your hard drive is defragmented. if the program has a contiguous line of free space, it will make speeds a whole ton faster.

Secondly, writing to an otherwise inactive drive (i.e, not the drive windows resides on, OR or pagefile) will benefit greatly. I don't know how much ram you have, but if you're constantly writing to virtual memory because your computer is bogged down with other crap, that's certainly not going to help.

Third, if you're purchasing a new drive, use THAT drive to write to. Chances are it's going to be more dense, making write speeds just that bit faster. Of course this entirely depends on what drive you're going to buy.

Another option you have is RAID 0. if you buy a similarly sized drive and RAID them together, you'll have two drives acting as one, giving you a nice speed increase.

The "other guy" was right though, that HDDBoost won't help you, at least in this situation. However I think it's prudent to list your computer's specifications here, and your recording program and settings. Maybe we can fish out other details that will help you.
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