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My System Specs


Wow, Thanks for all the replies guys I appreciate everyone's opinions but it appears majority rules that there is no difference if not WC puts out slightly more hot air. My issue is living in Australia with a general temperature of 20-25C my room with a Plasma HDTV, Monitor, Sound System and of course PC can get over 30C easily and being someone that much prefers the cold even having a 25C room is too hot.

I suppose I need to install a ceiling fan or something as the whole reason for all this is the air-con is costing too much in Electricity to keep the room cool. I will be upgrading my PC soon as well to a more efficient CPU & GPU.. Well waiting on the GTX680 hoping it is more efficient than the 580 and I know it will definitely be more efficient than my 480. But when that comes out I will then upgrade to the most efficient CPU I can find. I used to have a OC on my current CPU 4.2Ghz but I have had to put everything to stock to try and control temps! Boo.. GTX 680 couldn't come out any sooner for me lol.
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