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Originally Posted by Teal3800 View Post
Exactly, that is such bs article. Sure I get that they went by price but every one knows bulldozer would get killed even at a faster speed, but why would you even bother comparing an old chip like Nehalem, which no one buys anymore and not run it at the same speed. I've had my I7-920 for almost 3 years and that tells me nothing about if it would truly benefit someone to upgrade from a 3.3Ghz(min runs at 4) nehalem to a 3.3GHz Sandybrige with the new cards. I'm betting not, other than a chance of a higher overclock which has no guarantee and could get a dud, since the sandybridge is only 17% faster while being clocked 20% faster. The real world could be different though and unless you run them both at the same speed this doesn't indicate which platform it runs best on.

I have no plan on upgrading but it seems like every article like this does this and never shows a direct comparison in architecture.
For one thing you're absolutely right, but remember that than you can OC the SB cpu and get even more. While comparing architectures - their ability to run at certain clock speeds is yet another one of their advantages/disadvantages. Say clock per clock SB and Nehalem will perform sort of on par, Intel decided to give it the higher frequencies which it CAN operate at. Yes, Nehalem isn't far of SB in terms of clock per clock, but SB can and is designed to achieve much higher clocks more easily and with less drama (heat power, etc). Getting an I7 920, 24/7 over 4 GHz was almost impossible, while literally every SB unit I've worked with ran at 4.6 and laughed at my face. Again there is truth in what you're saying, but at the end of the day, I want performance from my CPU, and doesn't matter in which way - clock speed, smart-ass architecture, OC ability, etc. And this way, SB is just better whether you compare them @stock or OCed.
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