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Originally Posted by r3uz0r View Post
hey guys. I started reading about this a couple of days ago. I have like a zillion questions but first, whats the purpose of this gigantic project? I mean, do you get paid or some kind of reward for lending your pc to do massive calculations? I mean, to do this properly I imagine you need to have a good pc.
First off you don't get paid to do folding. The folding project contributions are more like making donations. The main purpose of the F@H project is to do protein folding to help find cures for various diseases. F@H is also non profit meaning any results the project comes up with anyone is free to use them. You also don't need a massively beefy system to contribute to the F@H project. Just about any computer built within the past 5 years or so(in some cases even older systems) would be able to contribute to the project however you have to weigh the effectiveness of the systems obviously newer systems will be able to complete work units faster and more efficiently than an older computer. The big main reward would most likely be contributing to find a cure maybe even a cure that could save your life one day. I suggest you read through the F@H FAQ section here: Folding@home - FAQ it covers most topics of the F@H project. Also if you have more questions or have trouble getting started don't hesitate to start a new thread in this section and ask specific questions.
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