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My System Specs


Originally Posted by NyteOwl View Post
Regarding your "degraded" power supply just a comment.

I always have to shake my heard when I hear such remarks. While components can degrade over time, it is by no means a given, or that equipemtn has to be discarded after some arbitrary period of time. There really is no "Best before" date for electronics. Most modern electronics usually either fail within the first thirty days or (under normal sue) last longer than their owner has use for them.

As to the computer power supply, I have the following machines (among others) in regular use here:

K6-2/350 built 1999
K6-2/500 built 2000
K6-III+/600 built 2002
386/40 built 1991
8088-8 built 1986

All are using the original parts they were built with - including power supplies. Some of them have seen month long periods of 24/7 (one was my BBS machine and one still runs a radio BBS system).

So, if your PSU is functioning well and has been offering no problems, and is of sufficient capacity, simply its age is not necessarily a reason to replace it.

JMHO and as with all such, YMMV :)

WHile it might not be a matter of degraded state, Old PSU's are much less efficent and comply to a completely different set of standards than are current. This will have a dramatic effect on something say like an SSD which tend to be a LOT more sensitive to 'dirty' power.
I am sure in all the systems you list if you popped an SSD in the mix you would kill it very fast.

So, given that his PSU is 6 years old. Replacing it is a must if he is going to make a current system. Doing anything else would just be foolish risk of brand new hardware. Something I would never suggest a member to do.


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