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Originally Posted by maverick_brent View Post
30 days is awesome...i am assuming the other writers and staff would help a newbie get the hang of macro shots, perhaps some writing tips etc. I have a decent vocabulary and decent grammar (although i don't utilize it on forums, because..well, i'm lazy) and excellent knowledge of hardware. And already started working on photography.
That goes without saying. We all help each other out. All you need do is ASK as its more like joining an eclectic "family" than a group of associates if you know what I mean.

Photography is actually not as hard you think. The secret is LOTS OF LIGHTS (I use 20, 23watt 6500k CFLs...others use 5500, etc etc) and a cheap spydercube (60 bucks) to get correct color balance. No need for 5k of camera kit. I used a Cannon 3SiS for years. It will surprise you how fast your Photo & Photoshop-fu will ramp up to levels you never thought possible.
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