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My System Specs


I agree with tyreman, canuckaudiomart has some great deals at times on used speakers and if you find somebody local they will usually let you listen to them before you buy!

Speakers that were designed in the 80-90s can definitely sound just as good and even better than the speakers that are brand new today.
Of course with audio what sounds good to you may not sound good to others.

Myself I am still looking around for some bookshelves in the $80-120 range and I'm finding so many good options that I'm having problems deciding what to look at/listen to.
I did happen to pick myself up a Paradigm DSP-3100 subwoofer the other day for my setup and now I'm leaning towards picking up a earlier version of the Paradigm Mini Monitors or Titan

I'm curious if you ending up getting those Klipsch speakers, what models were they and do you have any pics of your new setup? :D
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