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My System Specs

Default Need to update my Watercooling

So i've got a no name Rad, banged up a tad some of the fins are bent etc

What i got

Banged up no-name Rad 240
EK Supreme LT Nickel / Plexi
No-Name Pump
Swiftek Square Res
Tygon 3/8" ID Tubing
Thermaltake Coolant

What i want

XSPC RX240, 63mm Thick compared to 45mm no name one i've got
Performance Dual 120mm Radiator XSPC RX240 Performance Dual 120mm Radiator XSPC RX240 [RX240] - $73.99 : DazMode, The Best Canadian PC Watercooling and Modding Store!

So plans have changed.. i will be making a Dual loop setup for my 5970 alone and Mosfet / CPU on the other

EK Spin Bay Black
Swiftech MCP355 Pumps
XSPC DDC Plexi Performance Top
XSPC Performance 65mm Dual 120 Radiator
16ft of TFC 3/8" ID Red Tube
12x Straight Compression Fitting
3x 45 Degres Compression Fitting
4x Barb Clamps
Dazmode Protector
Indigo Xtreme™ Thermal pad LGA 1155

All from our DazMode store

480$ Shipped / Taxes

Will be getting a EK WB for my 5970 and also a EK Plexi Mosfet from another member here

any other recommendation ?

its just a question but i've got a DDC pump with Acetal top that i've planned on my build after the video Daz made and thinking of using the bay res + making a hole in my 5.25 bottem bay and putting the tube threw it and mount my pump underneath the 5.25 for less clutter

This is a layout on paint i've made to show what i what to do

Intel i7 3930K / 16GB Corsair Vengence DDR3-2400
Asus X79 Rampage Extreme Black Edition / EVGA GTX 770

Corsair 480GB SSD / 1TB WD Black

IN WIN 303 / EVGA NEX750 Gold

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