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Originally Posted by Bentech View Post
Hey guys,

So I am currently running a GTX 460 1gb. It is the MSI HAWK version, so it came with a mild overclock out of the box.

I recently picked up 2 more monitors to compliment my original panel, and would like to try "surround gaming".

So, I am faced with a few options as I see it.

1. Buy another GTX 460 1gb and run them in SLI.
2. Buy a Radeon 6950 2gb, try to unlock it to a 6970, and run eyefinity.
3. Wait for the 7xxx (Probably the 7950, don't think I can swing the price tag of the 7970.)
4. ??????????????

What would you guys do? Option 1 is certainly the most cost effective (My local shop has a 1gb GTX 460 on sale for $139) but I am worried about running that many pixels with only 1gb of ram.

Option 2 packs more ram, but this seems like a dumb time to buy a card. The 6xxx series it right at the end of its life

Option 3 seems safe, but I heard the release of the 7950 has been pushed back until February, I was hoping to get this rolling sooner then that. Is there a ballpark price for this card yet? I heard $349 somewhere, can anyone confirm/deny this?

Open to other suggestions as well!

I don't need to play games with everything maxed out, but I would like to turn things up to reasonably high levels. Playing on 1 monitor with a single GTX 460, I haven't run into problems yet.

Other info:
All 3 monitors are 1080p. I would like to run them at full resolution, but I will settle for 900p or maybe ever 720 if it meant smoother frame rates.

Processor is an i5 750 @~4Ghz
8gb of DDR3 1333
750 watt corsair PSU (Willing to upgrade if necessary)

Thanks guys!
Upgrade your RAM before anything. 1333mhz RAM has no place in a gaming system. 1600mhz minimum.
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