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Originally Posted by On2wheels View Post
It's been showing the demo for me all afternoon, I haven't had time to try it.
Origin wasnt down, I just wasnt letting it through my firewall.... had forgotten about that... I've tried sandboxing it and that seems to be working now. EA you will not look at my computer without my permission.

Downloading the demo now. Have to figure out how to use my BF3 code as well for some MP. Wonder if the demo icon will be stuck there with my BF3 alpha as well.

But hey 6.8MB/s down isnt bad from Origin, it may be extremely intrusive, charge tax and be overtly annoying but it is fast.

And tat this point I agree that there is no advantage to buying the digital, youll be able to plug it into origin anyways and the stuff in it is better with a hard copy.
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